Jungle Humans is a new European Brand that designs sports clothing. The brand is found by an artist, a photographer and designer. She always turns to nature to find inspiration to create the collections. Mostly she is inspired by the wilderness and the vibe of the jungle.

The brand offers the perfect balance between fashion, style and most importantly comfort. We combine fashion and cosiness to make beautiful and practical pieces for your everyday use.

We want our clothing pieces to make our costumers feel strong and confident with their bodies and in their everyday life. We aim and hope that wearing Jungle Humans will inspire you to live a confident and more active lifestyle.

About our Environmentally friendly approach

As you may have now understood from our name and philosophy, we care deeply about the environment and we try our best to be eco-friendly in our work. We believe in fair manufacturing and the people whom we work alongside are one of our top priorities.

We are committed to continually improving our performance to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. To learn more about our packing, please read here.

About the Logo:

Our logo is designed with Jelly font because the title is strong and bold, like the features we wanted our creations to have.


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