About US

Our brand was originally created with the idea on our minds that our clothing pieces would make our customers feel strong and soft, weird and jelly at the same time. Every one of us has many worlds inside of us, and we encourage you to get the best of them all. We want everybody to feel confident and to embrace their unique individualities.

We try to create unique clothes to give you the vibe of the jungle freedom. Every piece comes with its story. Don’t try to fit in where you know you don’t belong, come on and hang out with us, be part of the jungle.

We believe in fair manufacturing and the people whom we work alongside are one of our top priorities. As you may have now understood from our name and philosophy, we care deeply about the environment and we try our best to be eco-friendly in our work. We want everything to be real, spontaneous, and original.

About our Logo: Our logo is designed with Jelly font because the title is strong and bold.